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Who is Ninthroot?

Ninthroot’s identity is strongly rooted in growth on every level. Our substantial growth and brand success begins with each individual location, and is parallel to the personal and professional growth of our team members.

Just as we aim for each location to see success, we strive for team members to achieve balance in their lives by supporting and encouraging further professional expertise, and offering a unique environment that invigorates one’s personal pursuits.

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Our Multi-Location Specialties

Ninthroot is rare as a franchise marketing agency that provides in depth websites for every brand location.


Local In-Depth Websites

Multi-location businesses and franchise groups often find themselves with few digital marketing solutions, and plenty of problems.

One option enlists systems that lock down content to a local level in an effort to secure brand integrity. Instead, this results in poor localized SEO.

Alternatively, brands might choose systems that loosen standards of brand integrity, allowing for in-depth SEO. This creates control of localized websites, but very little consistency across the brand.

Ninthroot offers a third, revolutionary option. By providing local, in-depth websites for every location brands can achieve quality, high-performing SEO and preserve brand integrity.

Ninthroot's multi location marketing provides ongoing seo for every brand location.


Ongoing SEO for Every Location

Achieving proper, successful SEO for a single location is a complex process. When multiple locations become a factor, additional complexities and problems arise. These issues are difficult to understand, and tricky to tackle correctly. With Ninthroot, they don’t have to be.

SEO is our biggest strength and our clients’ best long-term ROI. No team has the same experience or innovative solutions we’ve created to achieve correct SEO in a multi-location or franchise setup.

Lead generation is the goal of everything Ninthroot does as a franchise marketing agency.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is the goal of everything we do.

Whether it’s through SEO efforts or paid traffic points, lead generation is the key to each of our locations finding success. With Ninthroot, there’s no fluff. All data points, reporting dashboards and digital marketing efforts revolve around measuring leads. With tracking capabilities that are second to none, our SEO and ad experts make informed decisions that benefit both locations and the overall brand.

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How We Help You Grow

Our Multi-Location Specialties


19 Years Industry Experience

Ninthroot’s founders have specialized in digital marketing since 2003, back when SEO and Google Ads were still a language nobody really understood. After experiencing frustration with the limitations for franchise and multi-location businesses, they created a platform that allowed these brands to flourish.

Ninthroot was officially formed in 2009, and our brands have flourished with the power of our unique, innovative solutions, making us one of the most powerful solutions available.


Shared Territory Solutions

Multiple locations within a single metropolitan area can have negative digital ramifications for a franchise. Ninthroot has created shared territory solutions and provides the expertise needed to tackle this complex setup properly. Our approach ensures all locations in an area are treated fairly and receive the attention they deserve.

At Ninthroot our roll up reporting dashboards make it easy for us to determine strenth and weaknesses in brands we support.


Roll-up Reporting Dashboards

Accountable reporting is crucial to our success, and the success of every location we care for. Accurate, full-breadth reporting is an invaluable source in informing us of locations’ current rankings, cost per lead, traffic volumes, lead counts — and more.

Ninthroot provides in-depth, thorough reporting dashboards that can see how each location is performing, then roll up all metrics to present to corporate. We pride ourselves on extremely accurate reporting that covers an entire brand, while still being able to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses.


Customized Integrations

Ninthroot takes care of complex, customized integrations with an expert in-house development team. Our specialists understand the end goals of each brand and work to provide customized solutions that support higher-level integrations better than most plug-ins or widgets. Better systems mean brands reach their goals faster and without much of the mess involved with other setups.


Brand Integrity Maintenance

Brand integrity can take a hit with digital marketing for franchises. Instead of loosening regulations for localized SEO, the Ninthroot team preserves brand guidelines and consistency throughout each location. We understand the balance between controlling brand integrity and achieving successful digital marketing, and our platform allows for accomplishment on both fronts.

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Content Strategy

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Local Reporting Dashboards

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Franchise Development Marketing

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About Ninthroot

Ninthroot is a digital marketing and SEO agency based in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Officially formed in 2009, our roots in digital marketing and SEO date as far back as 2003.

Our franchise marketing agency sets us apart with our team and the systems that support them.

Our franchise-specific marketing niche took shape in 2007 from a desire to provide a unique solutions-based approach to digital marketing. Since the beginning, we’ve had a blast growing our amazing brands, their locations, and ultimately our own fantastic team. We have weathered intense challenges in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and celebrated tremendous success alongside our brands.

What really sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies? Our team and the systems that support them. We pride ourselves on being different and find fulfillment in creating successful, exciting long-term partnerships with our brands.

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Hear From Our Customers

Ninthroot has been critical to improving Romp n' Roll's online presence across its multiple locations over the past several years. We saw an immediate positive impact when we started using them. All of our locations benefited from an improved organic presence in simply "showing up" in consumer searches. By working with them, I have complete confidence that our franchise and owners have the best digital presence that we possibly can have at all times.

- Trish Gibbs, Director of Marketing at Romp n' Roll

I would absolutely recommend Ninthroot to any organization looking to expand, but especially to any organization looking to function as a multi-location model. Amber and her team are beyond experienced in this field, and they put a very personal touch, connection, and effort into our site being the best in our industry. The entire Ninthroot team are professional, personable, and dedicated to their craft. The idea of one main site powering other sites, vs multiple websites all competing seems so common sense to me now, after years of working with Ninthroot... but what they have actually done is revolutionary, and will in fact increase any organizations web presence tenfold if they embrace this model. Knowing many founding members of Ninthroot personally as I do, I can speak to the integrity of how they run their company, and for the quality of persons that they are. They are not only our business partners, but have become genuine friends as well. We can't say enough about them!

- Jon Jarvis, Director of Onboarding & Training at Footprints Floors

Ninthroot has been with me since just a few months after I started my business over 10 years ago. After experimenting with other online marketers, it was immediately apparent that Ninthroot is head and shoulders above their competitors and a MUCH better fit for my company. They care about me, and make my success their priority. Because they care, I was able to grow and become a self-sustaining business. I can't say how grateful I am for their help and their concern. I would absolutely recommend Ninthroot to any other business looking to improve their online marketing. Where other companies approach your business with cookie cutter solutions, Ninthroot will personalize their approach and work to make you succeed. Because they are so focused on making my online marketing successful, I can focus on running my business and forget about the headache of marketing.

- Branson K. West, Attorney at Law

Our SEO ranking has demonstrably improved and their client service is world-class. They work well with our owners and corporate team listening to our challenges and objectives — and bring quality solutions and flawless execution every single time.

- Heidi Rose, Director of Marketing, Lemon Tree Hair Salons

Thanks to the amazing team at Ninthroot, our Painter1 Franchise family has grown to over dozens of locations across the U.S.! The team at Ninthroot are thoughtful, considerate and really know their stuff when it comes to all things digital marketing. The results that the Ninthroot team continues to produce for each and every one of our owners are exceptional.

- Jason Leber, Managing Partner and Founding Member of Painter1 Franchise

ArmorActive began working with with 9throot in August of 2010 launching the website We have seen close to triple digit growth since inception of their site. The Oak platform coupled with 9throot's design and SEO made for an unstoppable force in our market. We quickly rose to the first rank on our target key words in Google. The exposure produced thousands of leads, hundreds of thousands of visits, and millions of dollars in Year 1 of business! Their continued interest in our success has made the ongoing relationship easy and natural and we continue to hold our dominate web presence. Our clients include all the largest Fortune 500 companies. Apple themselves recommends to it's clients to go to our site and research our products.

- Scott Paul, ArmorActive Founder and CEO

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